Individualized Holistic Health Care



INTEGRATIVE HEALTH CONSULTATIONS     Integrative medicine is a partnership between a patient and a healthcare practitioner.   As part of your first visit, we will review your history, past treatments you’ve tried, and the difficulties you may have had healing. 

The goal will be to find out what might be helpful so that you can optimize your health going forward. 


Integrative medicine makes use of pharmaceutical drugs when they are appropriate.  Other treatment options may include herbals, vitamins minerals, dietary changes, exercise recommendations, ear acupuncture,  and stress reduction techniques.


Our healthcare system is often difficult to navigate, especially when challenged with serious illness. A patient advocate works directly with patients to ensure that they have a voice in their care, so that patients have sufficient information for informed decision making.  This includes translating medical language into plain English, researching options of care, helping patients make informed choices and access resources. This ensures that a patient’s wishes are the guiding force behind decisions affecting care, through collaboration with other members of the healthcare team. 


The NADA protocol has been found to be particularly helpful for

  • the treatment of addictions (including tobacco) 

  • trauma you may have experienced 

  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) 

  • anxiety and/or depression


All visits are confidential with your information HIPPA protected.

Office visits  available in Elkins and Thomas locations. Home visits by appointment.


Office, home and phone consultations  $60/hour. Veterans treated for $30/hour.  Sliding fee scale available for reduced cost for those in need. 

Travel for home visits  $0.50/mile

NADA ear acupuncture is included in office visit when used, and is also offered in groups as a community service.

Payment options are cash, check, credit card and PayPal.

Cell: 540-539-9692 Fax: 844-216-8402

Fax: 844-216-8402